Judge Stephen Carroll to offer Bucket Course on the Fourth Amendment Feb. 8th


Judge Stephen Carroll to offer Bucket Course on the Fourth Amendment

Iowa Senior District Court Judge Stephen Carroll will present a one-session class entitled “The Fourth Amendment: Search, Seizure, and Surveillance in an Age of Advanced Technology.”

As part of the ongoing Bucket Courses sponsored by the Community Education Council, the class will occur on Wednesday, February 8.

The class will be held from 10 am to 11:30 am at the Caulkins Room of the Drake Community Library.  It is open to all in the community; there is no charge for attendance, and no prior registration is required.

In examining the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, Judge Carroll will survey the history of search and seizure and the development of the amendment.  He will then focus on the surveillance of citizens that intensified after 9/11. Judge Carroll will review cases that have limited the ability of the US government to survey American citizens. He will then consider the scope of corporate and government surveillance in modern America.

According to Carroll, the study of the fourth amendment brings up many important questions:  Is Edward Snowdon a hero or traitor? How far are we willing to let go of civil liberties in exchange for security? Is the convenience of a smart TV worth the potential eavesdropping it allows?

Judge Carroll hopes that the class will foster knowledge of the surveillance we are already under; he also hopes it will help class members appreciate the difficult balance between national security and an open society.

He comments, “I am interested in the inability of the law to keep up with surveillance technology; and I am taken aback with every revelation of the scope and form of surveillance we are all under: cell phone, Facebook, street cameras, and more.”

No preparation is necessary for attending this course, but people may wish to read the 4th Amendment of the Constitution (which can be found on the Bucket Course web site http://www.grinnellcecbucketcourses.org/current–upcoming-courses.html).  They could also watch the 2016 Oliver Stone film “Snowdon” as well as the documentary “Citizen 4.”

Judge Carroll is a Senior District Court Judge in Iowa Judicial District 2. Appointed to the court in 1985, he retired in 2012 but continues to serve in the status of Senior Judge. In that role, his duties focus on Judicial Education, where he helps to train new judges.

For more information about the Bucket Courses, contact Joanne Bunge at 236-5321 or email her at jbunge@bungefarms.com.


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