Easter Lilies Live on at Mayflower

The Mayflower Community (Grinnell IA) is lush with gardens.  There are the Buckley Courtyard gardens and ponds, the Watertower Square Jewel Garden, the Pearson/Edwards Sail Garden, the Health Center eastside gardens, the Montgomery “Secret Garden,” the Fellowship of Givers rose garden, plus many gardens developed by Mayflower residents around their traditional apartments, Watertower Square apartments, and Harwich Terrace patio homes.  Whew!

This is all worth a walk by the Grinnell Area Garden Club.  Actually, that’s what they do at least annually.  Many of our residents have thumbs greener than a dill pickle in an avocado milk shake!  In addition, we are fortunate to have the Mayflower gardens and grounds operation supervised by a Master Gardener, Ben Pearce.

But, leave it to a retired pastor to save Easter lilies in their own garden plot on campus. In the words of Mayflower resident, Bob Anderson, pictured below are “…’old’ Easter lily plants that no one wanted following Easter Sunday.  They too are ‘resurrected.”  These plants are located at the northwest corner of the Buckley building on campus.


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